Waves Platforms See New All-Time High Trade Volume And NFT Gaming


WAVES It’s no secret that the non-fungible token (NFT) space has been booming, with the early investors seeing massive gains throughout these last few months. The NFT space has also seen widespread mainstream attention primarily thanks to the record-breaking digital art sales going on, with big names like Paris Hilton throwing in their support behind the NFT space.

NFTs Still Big Player In Blockchain

Now, the overall “fad” phase of the NFT space, where everyone started to pile on top of the latest innovation that gained widespread usage, seems to be reaching its close, that doesn’t mean NFTs are over and done with. Waves (WAVES) has seen an increase in growth recently, showing that the crypto space, in general, is still very much hungry for new NFT projects to be released

TradingView revealed recently that the WAVES price has seen a 320% increase in the year of 2021, going from $4.86 on the 4th of January to a whopping $20.82 on the 9th of April. One of the key factors for this large price surge could be pointed to the new record 24-hour trade volumes, standing at $883 million.

Duck Hunters Supercharging WAVES Growth

Now, all of this excitement for WAVES has reached a brand new peak thanks to Duck Hunters, a new NFT game that the protocol released that combines both yield farming and NFT collectibles into one neat package.

The tweet that announced the Duck Hunters game’s launching of Round 1 made it clear that all participants that complete a few social engagements will receive exactly one EGG token after the round has expired. The WAVES token saw itself already start to build up momentum several weeks before Duck Hunters was even launched, having been listed on the Bittrex exchange on the 23rd of March, 2021, with a USDT-WAVES pairing.

Waves Enterprise Primed For Expansion

Directly a day after, on the 24th of March, it was announced that Singapore would be the next target for expansion by Waves Enterprise. This runs in tandem with the protocol’s strategy to start creating a hybrid network that could interface with other public blockchains as well, such as Ethereum.

With NFT functionality incorporated into the WAVES ecosystem, coupled with the DeFi space within it already growing, means that the protocol has grown into a well-rounded hub. It also makes it prime for further growth as the mainstream finance space starts to adopt cryptocurrencies more and more as time goes on, which is only a matter of time.

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