Top 3 Most Promising Tokens in 2021


Top 3 Most Promising Tokens in 2021
If the beginning of Q1 was centered on Bitcoin, by the end of March, the spotlight was on tokens. Especially on NFTs. And that focus-boom happened because people became more interested in new utilities of cryptocurrencies.

The more interesting the project that backs up the token is, the more value it brings on the market.
And that’s what you’re searching for, right? Tokens that will take you out of the ordinary. Lucky you, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

In this article, we will look at the top 3 of the most promising tokens out there in 2021, which will definitely get your attention.

So let’s start with…

The STC Token
The STC Token is not just a simple instrument used for trading, but one that gets more people into crypto by providing help to companies, entrepreneurs, and students from all around the world.

The STC Token basically works like a template for others to create their own token, no matter its type. You can design personal or corporate tokens, DeFi, NFTs, and even startup tokens. And without any kind of tech knowledge.

Not to mention that with STC-based tokens, you can initiate a crowdfunding proposal and get the funds you need to start your own company or even to pay for your desired university.

The biggest advantage is that you can pay back your investors just after you graduate and start to make a profit. Since it is backed up by over 500 universities worldwide, it is definitely a token we should be looking for.

Plus, it is very convenient too, since the company just developed a Mobile App. And what’s more exciting is that it already got 30k users in just 7 days from the launch. So the fan base is already there.

The DOT Token
Polkadot amazed an entire world with the technology that backs up the DOT Token. If until now, coins and tokens were loyal to their parent blockchain, now we can easily swap blockchains whenever we feel like it.

That increases the utility and accessibility of cryptocurrencies even more because the DOT Token owners can easily create dApps with real-world use cases.

No wonder why it got so much attention – being now in the top ten most used cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap.

The Energy Web Token
The Energy Web Token is one of the big news both in crypto and in environmentally-friendly societies.

Motivated by the idea of helping the natural environment, the developing team has encouraged big energy companies to help them create a token that will change the way we currently use blockchain.

According to their white paper, EWT’s team aims to accelerate the low-carbon customer-centric electricity system with decentralized technology. So, they basically bring blockchain technology to the energy sector.

If you get your hands on some EWTs, then you will get to know when is the best time to use electricity, for example, so that you could pay the least. Not just that, but if you’ve got a device that produces energy, then you could sell it without a hitch.

How awesome is that?

What is your next move?
Now that you see there’s actually more utility in tokens than trading and NFT auctions, are you ready to step up your game?
Whether you are a hopeful future student, an innovative entrepreneur, or an environmentalist, these tokens give you the push you need to do even better. 

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