Retail DeFi Investors pick WINk over Ethereum


Retail DeFi investors are now choosing WINk due to the better low-cost yields. The investors move comes at a time when Ethereum gas costs have risen pricing out investors from Uniswap.

The financial sector has greatly evolved over time owing to the boost of decentralized finance that has been witnessed in the recent years. According to the 2020 statistics, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been the reason behind the rush to acquire cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin.

Uniswap is a popular DeFi trading platform where investors acquired an annual percentage yield by trading assets on the platform. However, Uniswap has recently kicked out Ethereum investors following the huge hike on gas prices and network congestion on the site. Because of this, even small investors cannot use the platform for approving tokens or staking.

The solution

Ethereum has offered a number of proposals but these do not provide any timely solution to the issue at hand and investors may continue to suffer under the gas spikes and network surge. To this end, investors are now shifting to non-ethereum networks that offer low-cost yields in farming and other DeFi investments.

The near future does not provide an immediate solution to the high ethereum fees. It is therefore wise to look at the other available investment options on the blockchain network. The best option that investors are picking now is WINk (WIN). WINk is a gambling platform that enables users to play, interact and stake assets across Blockchain networks using the WIN token.

Why WINk?

WINk (WIN) is a Tron (TRX) gambling platform that requires users to have a Tron wallet that has eight TRX. This is achieved at the current price of only $0.48. This is a much lower price as compared to the price of an ethereum transaction that goes for $40 or more. With WINk, investors are able to make many transactions in a day for many days, and this factor makes the platform very appealing to the average investor.

Just like most of the other DeFi platforms, WINk allows you to stake in multiple opportunities with the most popular ones being TRONbetDIce and TRONbetLIVE. Investors in this platform are able to earn proceeds from staking activity on the platform. A recent study of the platform revealed that investors here are able to earn between 64% to 137% through different activities.

The cryptocurrency sector is largely growing and with prominent investors such as Elon Musk joining the market, the rise will continue into the future. New investors are looking for cheaper investments with better yields such as WINk (WIN).

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