Reports Show (Most) Russian Investors Are Complying With Crypto Tax Bill


Russia is seeing a brand new wave of compliance when it comes to its crypto investors. These investors are providing information to the relevant authorities in Russia when it comes to their crypto dealings, subsequently paying their stipulated taxes, as well.

13% Taxation For Legal Protection

Izvestia stands as a local news outlet, and gave out a report about the matter at large. In this report,  it’s shown that a number of accounting firms, such as PwC and FTL, are witnessing a large increase in tax legislation compliance when it comes to the crypto space.

These new developments in tax compliance come directly after the State Duma of Russia officially approved a bill that recognized cryptocurrencies to be properties within the eyes of the law. With this, crypto owners in Russia now boast legal protection, but also need to pay a 13% tax rate on any gains made from crypto investments as a result.

40% Penalty For Not Paying It To Begin With

This new legislation mandates that any Russian crypto owner, both within and without the nation proper, should declare all crypto-related transactions that exceed the value of 600,000 Russian Rubles, or around $8,184, on a yearly basis.

Russia’s regulators were quick to warn that anyone who thinks they would rather opt-out of disclosing this information will find themselves subject to a 10% fine of this undeclared amount. Alongside this, the bill hammered home that a 40% penalty will be thrown against anyone that fails to pay this taxation, or make incomplete payments instead.

The Bomb Hasn’t Dropped Yet

The idea of losing just shy of half your entire crypto profits has sent most investors to report the tax, as many believe that the regulators are capable of seeing this threat through.

Now, even with the increase in compliance, the idea of forking over 13% of your profits would upset anyone to some degree. Maria Kukla stands as an FTL Advisers partner, giving comment about just this matter. Kukla stated that the rate of declared crypto profits is increasing, but it’s too early to say if investors will continue doing it once the tax filing campaign officially ends. Mainly, a lot of investors are curious if the punishment for non-compliance will even be exacted, though understandably very few people want to take that risk themselves.

It’s only a matter of time before that question will have its answer, one way or another.

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