Orbs Blockchain set to launch Liquidity-as-a-service solution


Orbs Blockchain has announced that they will launch a single-sided liquidity that will allow users to engage in yield farming using single tokens. This will be the first time that liquidity providers will be able to stake in a pool using a single token.

Orbs, which is a public enterprise blockchain, recently announced that they would be launching liquidity-as-a-service in a bid to allow users to participate in yield farming using a lone token. The product that the company is seeking to target using this launch is Liquidity Nexus. This product acts as a link between cefi investors and defi investors. The contrast between cefi investors who go for low volatile assets and defi investors who prefer high volatile assets has been creating numerous problems for companies that participate in the blockchain network.

Orbs’ single-sided liquidity solution

According to orbs, the innovation will be termed as a single-sided solution and it will seek to help liquidity providers to offer stakes in a pool using a single token. This will be the first time for this to happen.

According to the proposition, investors in centralized finance will provide stable coins and manage to earn returns without having to risk their assets depreciating. On the other hand, investors in defi will manage to tap into the liquidity available in the cefi world. The Liquidity nexus product will be the bridge between these two worlds to make sure that investors in both sides are able to fulfill their needs and earn returns in the process.

Orbs believes that Liquidity Nexus is the solution that investors have been waiting for. Because of the recent spike in demand for crypto assets, traditional investors are looking for a safe way for them to gain exposure in the new world and this innovation will help them in this. With Liquidity Nexus, defi investors will also benefit because they will not be reallocating their portfolio each time they want to stake into yield farming. This helps to alienate the problem of exposure risk and losses.

With Liquidity Nexus bringing cefi investors and defi investors together, many traditional investors can now gain the much-needed exposure into digital assets. However, the product will only work if a good number of cefi investors embrace the product, as this is the only way that the liquidity bridge will be created.

From the beginning of this year, Orbs has been enjoying incredible returns and they have even partnered with Binance, KuCoin and Bithumb.

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