Memecoins were ‘most profitable crypto narrative’ in Q1 2024 — CoinGecko


Stellar performance from memecoins eclipse Bitcoin and altcoin gains, according to data from CoinGecko.

The memecoin sector has emerged as the most profitable narrative so far this year, according to a recent report by CoinGecko 

According to the report, Memecoins recorded the highest returns of 1,312.6% on average across the top tokens by market capitalization. Memecoins that were launched in March made it to the top 10 largest memecoins list by market value by the end of the quarter, including Book of Meme (BOME), Brett (BRETT) and Cat in a Dogs World (MEW).

BRETT recorded the highest returns of 7,727.6% by the end of Q3/2024, followed by Dogwifhat (WIF), which witnessed a 2,721.2% growth year-to-date after going viral amid the Solana-based memecoin frenzy.

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