Lido staked SOL holders fret as $24M remains stuck on ‘broken’ contract


There’s still $24 million in Lido-staked Solana despite the program being shuttered five months ago.

As much as $24 million in tokenized staked Solana (stSOL) has been unintentionally locked on the liquid-staking platform Lido due to a faulty smart contract. 

Lido on Solana — which once let users effectively stake any amount of Solana (SOL) for a 5% yield — was sunset in October last year due to unsustainable financials and low fees.

Until February, users had been given the option to unstake their Solana through a user-friendly front end — but that too was sunset, leaving them with only the option of manually unstaking via Solana’s command line interface (CLI).

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