Former Google China boss doubles down: AI to take 50% of jobs by 2027


Kai-Fu Lee predicted the modern AI zeitgeist back when OpenAI was a non-profit building chatbots.

Computer scientist and venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee recently reiterated his stance that artificial intelligence (AI) technology would supplant at least half of the global human workforce by 2027.

Kai-Fu Lee initially predicted that AI would take over at least half of all human jobs back in 2017. A stance he’s stuck by in the time since. In a 2018 interview with IEEE Spectrum, for example, he pointed out that despite the fact that humans had many talents and skills that AI was unlikely to achieve, AI would still replace around half of us at work.

“Most jobs are repetitive,” Kai-Fu Lee said at the time, pointing to “truck-driving, telemarketing, dishwashing, fruit picking, assembly-line work, and so on.”

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