Euler.Tools, a Unique Platform to Explore and Discover Blockchain Tools


PRESS RELEASE. Jorge de los Santos is the man behind Euler.Tools, a platform that wants to change how people analyze the blockchain industry by providing an all-encompassing view of crypto paired with an easy to use interface.

Similar to the legendary mathematician and project’s namesake Leonard Euler, who founded graph theory and solved the Königsberg bridge problem, Euler.Tools aims to create a method for navigating a complex problem. Euler.Tools helps users find the most efficient way for users to navigate blockchain technology using educational, interactive tools.

Traders have to utilise different platforms since each provide different data and offerings. Euler.Tools solves this by offering users 10 different tools that allow traders to cross examine on-chain activity, price action, and other data points to make more informed trades.

Euler.Tools offer a combination of all the popular toolsets in a single interface, making blockchain technology and activity easy to understand.

Thus Euler.Tools integrates DeFi, blockchain, and real world data in a single interface, powered by a set of tools that help crypto traders get information that helps them in their trading activities. Think of TradingView, Chartx, DEXools, BscScan, and PancakeSwap all combined within a single platform.

Euler.Tools has integrations with BscScan and TradingView, ensuring that users can get relevant information in a single platform. Also, Euler.Tools provides an improved interface for the popular decentralized exchange Uniswap as well as Chainlink oracles and its own native graph nodes.

The thought process behind Euler.Tools is to ensure easy accessibility to analytical tools by the end-user.

Fully automated process

Euler.Tools is different from other existing tools as it integrates a fully automated process for operations. Most analytical tools check a single contract for operation and typically require information to be added manually to keep them updated.

Euler.Tools will automate the process by scanning the blockchain and processing data using formal techniques and known methodologies used by worldwide data processing companies. In addition, Euler.Tools integrates novel parameters that are different from existing tools.

For example while other tools focus on the value stored in the Uniswap contract, Euler.Tools compares the token swap impact on liquidity, availability, profitability, gas costs, and other events that the token swap could trigger.

Multiple tools and unique subscription models

Euler.Tools offers powerful, customizable block explorers with decentralized exchange tools that offer multiple features, including.

  • Compare tokens, check volumes, addresses, holders, and minting/burning rates
  • Create alerts on prices and events, or get notified of rug pulls that might affect your assets
  • Connect all your wallets to one interface and get enriched data
  • Explore any pair, or create your own
  • Build complex queries on big data

All these features are built using a combination of ETL, Data Pipelines, and Machine Learning technologies to filter and clean up the results and deliver only relevant events.

To ensure that everyone has access to the tools, Euler.Tools is researching three subscription models. The first model uses a hold-only system where users can connect a wallet with the native token EULER and unblock access to the free model.

Users will be charged on extra features that they deem important, more like a freemium model. While there is the tiering system, users pay a fixed amount to access specific features, from portfolio management to telegram bots that send rug pulls alerts.

The third subscription method is the golden pay per usage model which is designed for big companies that require large amounts of data processed. This subscription offers full api keys to interact with the tools offered by Euler.Tools.

Euler.Tools powered by the Euler Token

Euler.Tools is powered by a BEP20 token with the ticker EULER. This token is designed to provide a safe deflationary investment product and a buyback mechanism that aggregates value to the seller.

The Euler token will be used to pay for apps within the Euler.Tools ecosystem, this includes a DEX block explorer, big data query, portfolio protection, and the trading interface.

Euler.Tools has developed a simple mining pool that will incentivize token holders while the product is developed and the subscription model is introduced. Also, the subscription model functions as a buyback mechanism designed to burn and reduce the amount of circulating supply.

This will create a stable deflationary price for token holders while sustaining the availability of the token. EULER token holders can access extra benefits by providing liquidity. Also, the tokens enable users to access basic functionalities in the platform.

To learn more about Euler.Tools, visit their website​​. You can also check out the following social media channels:









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